Notes of a Marsupial Mother

BLW: avocado
BLW: avocado
BLW: avocado

Comments on: "Wordless Wednesday: baby-led weaning (avocado)" (9)

  1. Awesome! We do BLW too. Avocado was one of my baby’s first foods. Now he goes for the full out guacamole at 9 months ;-)

  2. My son loves avocados, but I usually put it on a spoon. I would like to try more baby-led weaning ways, but I didn’t think he’d be able to pick up any avocado on his own. Your photos show that it is possible and fun! Thanks.

    • If the avocado is a bit harder I also give him whole pieces to chew on. He won’t bite much, so I don’t have to worry about choking. The softer ones are easier to swallow, but actually more difficult to pick up.

  3. Avocado was one of my child’s first foods, too. I’ve really enjoyed doing baby led weaning with him. It is messier but I think he enjoys being able to feed himself. I have a photo of son the only time he fell asleep in his high chair. He was covered with avocado but too tired to stay awake to eat it!

  4. Gah! Of course I forgot to mention I’m visiting from Natural Parents Network!

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  6. Avocados are my favorite and I can’t wait until my little one is ready to BLW!!! Well, yes. I can wait. I don’t want her to grow too fast, but it IS something I’m looking forward to!

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