Notes of a Marsupial Mother

This could be a great wordless Wednesday post except that nobody has taken a picture.

Last week my parents-in-law suggested that we should try putting my marsupial baby into a stroller/pram (I feel the need to use both American and British words here so that it’s clear to everyone: I mean this thing where my baby is supposed to lie flat on his back and see almost nothing) and take a relaxing walk. Well, it was a stroke of luck that he had eaten enough and was going to fall asleep anyway, because the beginning of the journey looked like this:

My mother-in-low is pushing the stroller, the front wheel is in the air, so that the baby is at least semi-upright. Her grandson can barely move, not only because of the thick snowsuit but also because he has grown a lot in the past two months (we gave the stroller a second chance in November) and hardly fits. He is on the verge of tears. In the meantime I am mincing beside them. My posture is very unusual due to the baby sucking on my finger. Now that’s a relaxing walk!

Comments on: "Giving the stroller a third chance" (4)

  1. Ha! I can identify with this since my mother-in-law REALLY wanted me to use a stroller. I only bought an umbrella stroller though which, to her, was really odd. Didn’t want to spend the money and had a ring sling and Ergo so figured I wouldn’t need it. When we would go visit them (they are 8 hours away) and didn’t even pack the umbrella stroller she was baffled. She told me I needed to use the stroller because it was good for the baby to learn some independence. If you met my VERY independent daughter, you would be laughing with me. :)

    • It’s nice to know there are other strollerless parents :-) My father-in-law’s argument was that my son could move better in a stroller. Not in this one and not in winter!

  2. Congratulations!!!

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